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What if I need an extensive refurbishment of my bathrooms?
Plumbing Plus uses reputable trades people to carry out any building, electrical, joinery or plastering work that may be required.

What sort of estimate will I receive?
The estimate will include a description of the work to be done, separate material and labour cost’s plus a list of all the items to be installed with relevant cost.

Will the estimate include the cost of tiles?
No, the cost of the tiles will be additional to the estimate. The exception to this is whether we have been asked to supply white tiles.

Do you supply tiles?
The choice of tiles is a personnel one, similar to choosing wallpaper and paint, so we don’t supply tiles except if you want white in which case these can be supplied in either plain or bumpy/ripple effect.

Do you supply tile adhesive?
Yes, wall and floor tile adhesive will be supplied.

Do you supply grout?
Yes, except if there is a special colour to go with the choice of tile.

How many tiles will I need?
We can help work out how many tiles are required.

Can I supply my own bathroom suite?
Yes, Plumbing Plus are quite happy to install customer supplied sanitary ware and brassware.

Is VAT charged extra?
No, Plumbing Plus is not VAT registered.

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